Thursday, April 21, 2011

Smash Cut/Tough Customer - Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown writes a couple of kinds of books - "suspense with sex" and straight-ahead romance.  I don't really care for the romance, but she writes on mean thriller.  I like Sandra's books because you usually know who the bad guy is from the get-go, but there's still a high level of suspense and there's always an epic twist that you never saw coming. 
I'm reviewing these books together because they do contain some of the same characters, but Tough Customer isn't a traditional sequel, so you don't have to read these in any particular order.
Smash Cut is about a woman named Julie who runs an art gallery who has a relationship with a much older gentleman.  When Julie and her friend are leaving a hotel room in the middle of the day, a masked robber stops their elevator, robs everyone on board and then shoots the elderly man.  Julie immediately suspects Creighton, the gentleman's nephew and all-around seriously creepy movie buff.  Drama ensues when it becomes clear that Creighton is setting Julie up to take the fall for the crime.
In Tough Customer, a hard-nosed private eye named Dodge is contacted by the mother of his child - a child he hasn't seen since she was born - and told his daughter Berry is in serious trouble.  Berry has a stalker that is determined to kill her, and has already shot a friend of hers in his quest to get to Berry. 
Both books contain some cuss words and sexual scenes, and both will keep you on the edge of your seat (or bed, or wherever you do your reading).

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