Monday, April 11, 2011

The Peach Keeper, Sarah Addison Allen

Like Sarah Addison Allen's other books, there is a strong whiff of magic happenings around the story told in The Peach Keeper.  The story revolves around a town, Walls of Water, and the families that have lived there since the town started - specifically, Willa, the last descendant of a family that was once hugely prosperous but lost it all, and Paxton, the descendant of a family that is the social elite of this small town.  The two women have to come together to solve a mystery that dates back to when their grandmothers - who used to be best friends - were young girls, and the traveling salesman who disappeared suddenly one summer.  These women have nothing in common, but if they can work together, they can not only solve the mystery, but possibly find love, happiness and friendship along the way. 
While not my favorite Sarah Addison Allen book, this one is definitely worth a read.  There is little to no potentially offensive content, so it's safe for one and all to enjoy. 

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