Friday, April 15, 2011

Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner

This is not a new book for me, but an old favorite.  I'm going to review it now because the book's 10th anniversary is coming up, and it seems a good time to celebrate the awesomeness that is Jennifer Weiner and her books.
I actually picked up Good In Bed because I was intrigued by the cover - something that works out for me more often than not, actually - and I'm so glad I did.  Jennifer is hilarious.  I find myself laughing out loud at her books frequently, and Good In Bed was just our first encounter. 
This book tells the story of Cannie, a plus-size writer for a Philadelphia newspaper.  She has a quiet life - a rat terrier, her cozy apartment, her best friend, her Mom and her Mom's dread life partner, Tanya.  She's recently decided to "take a break" from her boyfriend, Bruce.  Then she discovers that Bruce has gotten a job writing for a Cosmo-esque magazine - and of all things, he's writing a sex advice column.  In which he talks about her.  A lot. 
Cannie's journey through this book is full of ups and downs - an encounter with a famous Hollywood star who quickly becomes a good friend, an unexpected pregnancy and the problems arising from it, and making it big.  The book is hilarious, touching and just all-around fantastic.  As you can probably guess, it does contain some sexual content and crude humor, but if you don't mind (or even enjoy!) that kind of thing, you will love, love, love this book.  Buy it now, as well as any other Jennifer Weiner titles on the shelf.  They're all fantastic. 
Oh, and P.S...The last name is pronounced "Why-ner" not "Wee-ner". And if you like this book, follow her on FaceBook.  Her posts make me laugh all the time, and she posts links to her blog, which is also hilarious

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