Friday, April 15, 2011

The Search, Nora Roberts

Let me first say, I used to view Nora Roberts as kind of a fluff author - you weren't going to get a lot of substance there.  However, I've changed my tune in recent years.  She writes a solid, fun book, with liberal helpings of sassy humor.  I would classify her books in two categories: romance and what I like to refer to as "mystery/suspense with sex".  If you don't like sexual content in your books, Nora is not for you.  That's not the whole focus of the books, but it's there. 
The Search is more the "suspense with sex" category.  Our main character, Fiona, survived being kidnapped by a man who had kidnapped and killed several young women.  She escaped with her life, and built a new life for herself, training rescue dogs.  She now lives on a small island in Washington State and runs dog training classes, as well as running rescue missions.  Now, even though her kidnapper is still in prison, someone is following in his footsteps, and it seems like they are determined to finish the job with Fiona. 
One of the things I like about Nora is that she does her research - the main character in this book trains dogs and does rescue missions, and this book uses technical terms in a way that makes it clear she does her prep work well.  This book is fun, engaging and sexy.  A solid win. 

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